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WonderBiz Launches a Visualization Tool using AngularJS and UI elements like NGX, Bootstrap and Toaster in less than 180 days, for Sanfransico based Kelvin.ai

Kelvin is a San Francisco based company that focuses on building a AI-based, Next Generation platform for Control Systems. They have a suite of products that offer everything from Visualization, Simulation, Collaboration and Decision-making for a plethora of domains including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Mining and Renewables

WonderBiz put together a crack team that had skill sets of UI UX design and development. With little or no specifications, the team began hashing out the UI, at times, taking full ownership for the User interactions. The Visualization Tool was built quickly in AngularJS and UI elements like NGX Grid, Bootstrap & Toastr. A team of 4, including a Test Engineer worked on this assignment for about 6 months.

WonderBiz Develops from ground-up this data aggregation product with integrations to all other products, over a period of 18 months

WonderBiz Develops and maintains a CRM Web App and Workflow Management Suite

The ULab Team was successful in building a fantastic remote team at WonderBiz who could not only develop a standalone module but also be integrated into the ULab Ecosystem. This WonderBiz team for ULab was instrumental in working directly with some of their field team members, slowly building trust and adding features required to expand ULab's business, even outside of North America. With clear communication, great development talent, and high-quality deliverables, the WonderBiz team earned great respect in the ULab Dev Ecosystem.

The WonderBiz team took on the responsibility of fully owning the Web App for ULab. Over a period of 4 years, the Web App was developed in Enterprise Java and went into production with features such as Invoicing, Payment Gateway Integration, Doctor on-boarding, Messaging & Notifications, Preferences, Admin Functionality, and integration into the ULab product suite. Working under the watchful eye of the ULab Architect, the team has implemented features needed for an end-to-end workflow, including invoicing.

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